People’s Blues Richmond Concert Review

People’s Blues Richmond aka PBR (yes, like the beer) opened up at The Roux last night in NoDa of Charlotte, NC. This trio band is from Richmond, VA including members; Tim Beavers (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Nekora Williams (Drums), and Matthew Volkes (Bass Guitar). I listened to them prior of the show and with interviewing the same day and getting a private show from the guys I knew what to expect. However, on stage they have a completely different vibe and put you in a trance. There psychedelic rock and blues influences were the perfect blend for the laid back bar setting of The Roux. Although this is a small venue they performed as if it was Madison Square. They owned the stage with the impressive light show alone. Tim’s slightly raspy yet swooning voice pairs nicely with the music but his guitar playing skills is what really stands out. At one point he started playing with his tongue. Matt puts the funk in the band with his bass and hearty voice. Neko is sick with the drums and without a doubt kept the audience entertained with his drum solos. The crowd responded very well with some standing on a wall rocking along and others full out dancing on the floor, nonetheless the energy during their performance was awesome. They are so good I couldn’t even finish my food without getting up a few times to dance myself. I expected their set to be short but I was thrilled that it was a little over a hour. If you are looking for a new band to obsess over then PBR is the one. There story-telling lyrics is an aspect of music that we rarely hear now. When listening to their music you start to think you are the one telling the story, it grabs you. I hope they grace Charlotte, NC again but until then I’ll be jamming to their album, Good Time Suicide. Stay tuned for footage of our interview.

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