Patterns EP X Tourist (Review & Stream)

Announced to be released last December, Patterns EP, is finally here from Tourist. The London electronic producer gives us four songs of deep house, electro, disco beats mixed with leading vocals from Lianne La Havas and Will Heard.  The entire EP has a collective sound yet each track brings its own individual flavor.

Rising for the start of the EP, “Trust in You”, is a track that heightens and lowers vocals with a jungle jazzy feel. Diving in second, “Together”, gives a disco influence that puts you and the dance floor together…as you should be. Next, Lianne La Havas’ powerful yet angelic voice with a background chorus on “Patterns” reminds me of an electro gospel song. The xylophone influence mixes well on this track also. In closing, “I Can’t Keep Up”,  crys out for help as Will Heard asks, “Will somebody give a fuck?…show me love.” This song takes a deep turn and really makes you tap into the true meaning. Tourist truly gave an EP we can play over and over again for the summer and on.

I am absolutely obsessed with Patterns. I have already played it on my radio show and I will be adding a song to my next mix for everyone to vibe  to at an event. Picking which one will be the hard decision. With his recent signing to Disclosure’s, Method Record Label, I’m really excited to hear what Tourist will give us in the future. He did not upload “Trust In You” with the other tracks on his Soundcloud, but you can purchase Patterns on iTunes for $3.99. Everyone give the EP a listen and comment your thoughts below!


Visit Tourist Website:

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