Phazer Gang Presents: Phaze 1 X Phazer Gang

Multi-Media Company, Phazer Gang, has released their long awaited album, Phaze 1. This Charlotte based group comprises of Tony P (Founder, Rapper, Videographer), Braille Rhymestone (Rapper), Hadal (Rapper, Producer), L the Beat Chemist (Producer), MelloBeats (Producer), Axnt (DJ, Producer), Tizap (Animator, Rapper), Francesko The Artist (Graphic Designer), and Josh Henderson (Graphic Designer). More individuals are apart of the group but these members played the most part in the creative process of Phaze 1. When the guys came on my radio show at the end of last year and world premiered,  “Nut Cracker”, I knew that Phaze 1 was going to be dope. The 16 track album has a space theme that if you can’t infer from the cover you can with the Darth Vader-esque voices and hints of lazers in songs. This isn’t an album for the close minded because the lyrics are out of this world as they should. This is music that needs to be shared so do just that. Check it and comment below!

Follow Phazer Gang on Twitter and Instagram: @PhazerGang

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