Yume Clothing

I am not only a DJ but also owner and creator of Yume Clothing. Pronounced U-May, Yume means dream in Japanese. My slogan is dreaming is the first step. I first started the business summer 2013 with my old roommate who lives in Augusta, Ga, we wanted to make t-shirts and sell women’s clothing and accessories. We started by buying a few accessories and t-shirts just to see how they would sell and started a website an Instagram to post them on. She was getting a lot of positive feedback in Augusta while in Charlotte I couldn’t really seem to get it going. We pushed on and one day I mentioned making flower crowns and she thought it was a cool idea. I practiced making them while on vacation in Connecticut vising my dad. I posted them and I got some feedback from girls, not much but I kept practicing making them. I started to become overwhelmed by the fact I couldn’t get the push in my city for Yume like my partner did for hers. One day I talked to her about the issue and it led to us going separate ways, she wanted to do it by herself. I kept the name Yume because it was my idea and there were no hard feelings. It was what it was. So I plotted on how I could keep Yume going. I re did the website and put my items up. I attempted selling dresses, accessories, shoes, vintage clothing, custom-made t-shirts, flower crowns and bow-ties. I didn’t have much success in selling the items. I recently restocked accessories and they also did not get purchased. This is how I knew that maybe selling those items were not right for me. However, the flower crowns started standing out. A local photographer, Arynn Owens, contacted me about two flower crowns with a fall color scheme. I did exactly she wanted and she used them in her photography. The pictures came out beautiful and the models look perfect in the flower crowns. I made the crowns here and there from that point, mainly for practice and I would wear them out. About a month ago I was in NoDa (the artsy area of Charlotte; abbreviation for North Davidson Street) in Concrete & Lace Boutique. They are a recycle boutique and everything is $5! I was talking to one of the owners, Rachel, about my flower crowns. I showed them to her and she loved them. She knew women that would want to buy them and offered me the opportunity to sell them in her store. Of course I accepted and started to make a Spring/Summer collection to be sold, which they are now. I posted them on Instagram as I made them, they got a great deal of attention and I have even been getting custom orders. A week and half ago I went into the studio boutique, Dupp & Swat (also located in NoDa) wearing a flower crown and one of the owners, Davida, complimented the headpiece. “Thank you, you know I make them right?” Her face lit and she started to talk about how the boutique will be involved in the For Sisters Only Convention Fashion Show the upcoming Saturday and she wanted all of the models to wear flowers on their heads. We began talking about them and I had another big order, I was so excited. When I dropped them off to her I just knew that this was it, this is why I didn’t give up. I went from crying in Connecticut to my dad, step-mom, and best friend about how I couldn’t do it to getting custom orders on a weekly basis. I couldn’t control my excitement when I was getting the notifications of the models wearing my crowns. They looked so fabulous! I am so ready to see what else is in store for Yume. I have tons of ideas but right now I am only specializing in creating flower crowns. Everyone check out the photos of Arynn Owen’s Photography, FSO Fashion Show, and C&L Boutique Collection.

For all flower crown custom orders email Yume: yumeworld4u@gmail.com

Follow Yume on Instagram: @yumeclothing

Follow C&L Boutique on Instagram: @concreteandlaceboutique

Follow Dupp & Swat on Instagram: @duppandswat

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