Fresh Baked Goods South Clothing X Kenneth Cartel Alternative Life Campaign Lookbook (Series 1)

Charlotte based clothing line, Fresh Baked Goods South, recently teamed up with Kenneth Cartel to release a collaboration of clothing back in March that has a Japanese inspiration. The collaboration included t-shirts, hoodies, and coach jackets with the word KAIZOKU and japanese symbols being the central attention. Monday night Kenneth Cartel took to Twitter to announce the release of an Alternative Life Campaign Lookbook (Series 1) he has put together for the recent collection. The shots were taken in Manchester, UK and they are amazing. In seeing the photos I had to know more, so I reached out to Kenneth to get a little bit more info on the lookbook.

1. You have linked up with clothing line Fresh Baked Goods South for an awesome Japanese infused collaboration. From the moment the new collection dropped it quickly started selling out. What has all of the positive feedback felt like? The feedback has been really great. It’s really humbling to have people take out their time and view our collection. And buy certain pieces.

2. Can you explain what Kaizoku means and what significant influence does it have with the collaboration? Actually one of many ideas for the recent collection was to use one of the characters they (FBGS) use in their clothing, which was the sea wolf. That ties into the meaning kaizoku. You know Pirates are also known as sea wolves, from that idea, the end result was the font design ‘Kaizoku’.

3. The Alternative Campaign Lookbook was done in Manchester, UK, how did you come about getting this done? First off, The Alternative Life Campaign Lookbook is a metaphorical/visually meaning that represents having the diversity seen in different walks of life by showing understanding that we as people, no matter our religion, sexuality, race can find refuge in positive concepts and help bring change to the world. I reached out and planned out dates, with various small groups to develop different locations to bring you guys. Just for you. The series shall continue.

4. You worked with Steven Alexander on the campaign, who is he? How was working with him on this? Steven is a best friend of mind, we talked designs, music, architecture, style, and etc. all the time. Oh, and also comedies, But actually Eric Howie (Furious Stylez) another bestfriend, big brother of mine worked heavily on the campaign with me. Dealing with editing, illustrating and consulting. Steven and Eric are really talented individuals. I’m very appreciative.

5. Who is the model for the photos and how was working with her? Amber Dennett. Her and Toria (The photogrpaher for this series) has a very good chemistry with each other, as you can tell by the photos. So working with them was really easy and natural.

6. This is only series 1, where do you plan to shoot next or what is next for you and the collab?  It’s a surprise, Ha! Just think of it as a Mini-Virtual Tour. Also, that’s a surprise as well, just keep watching and don’t miss out!

7. Will you be dropping more new pieces with FBGS in the near future? Definitely Yes!

I am excited to see what else FBGS and Kenneth will come up with next but for now everyone head over to Kenneth’s website and check out the entire lookbook. Afterwards check out my radio interview with FBGS and Kenneth Cartel before they released the collection. Links below, Enjoy!

Alternative Life Campaign Lookbook (Series 1)

ToD: FBGS/Kenneth Cartel Interview

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