Trey Songz X Sway: The Talk (ToD Exclusive)

R&B sensation, rapper, actor, ladies man Trey Songz linked with Sway for ‘The Talk’; a conference call to all the DJ’s speaking about his new album, Trigga (releasing July 1st). It was great to hear details about the album coming from the man himself and here is a few details of the upcoming project.

While we’re waiting for the call to begin, “Foreign”, his latest single was playing. This is a club banger that he says actually happened. Sway opened up the conference call with the only way he could by one of his great introductions. Trey says what’s up to everyone and that he wanted to do a conference call for all the DJ’s because he has a strong connection with the community and although he has been busy he did not forget us. Sway dives into the conversation asking how will Trigga be different from his last album, Chapter 5? He responds with saying it will be more personal and it is a piece of him of course mixing both hip-hop and R&B sides. Different stories are being told throughout the album, he mentioned a song in particular stating getting into a fight with a girl upstairs in his home and going downstairs to his in-home studio to write about it. Trigga has a global sound but yet he was able to keep his thoughts in the process, giving thanks to his great team and the good vibes.

Sway goes on to ask about the three personas of the artist: Trey, Trigga, and Tremaine. Trey is unapologetic, someone who will kick you out with no regrets, while Tremaine is the lover to the ladies, and Trey is a collective of all the emotions.  Songz touches on how artists go through a period where their choice of giving you everything they have transforms to giving you what they have to. He is at the point where he can do whatever he wants and the time and effort he put into the album is shown.

Next Sway wants to know Trey’s prediction of when his big breakthrough will be and Trey says it needs to be now! Songz just went platinum off Ready (his third album) and although he is doing well he wants to do better. He only compares himself to himself which is such a humble statement for an artist. He opens up about the period of time where EDM was really popping and R&B artists were hopping on these tracks and him choosing to stray away from that. Questioning is pop was really pop? However, he does think people are ready for Trigga, from the videos to artwork he knows exactly what he wants everything to feel and look like.

Lastly they opened the phone lines for the DJ’s to ask a question. With only 5 people ahead of me I asked how he will promote Trigga to the college campuses? He spilled the beans that he will be coming full circle with his career and providing the colleges with a tour. When Trey was first getting his name out, him and Chris Brown went on a tour to HBCUs around the country. I suggested a tour stop at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, how smashing would that be?

You can pre-order Trigga on iTunes right now and you will get automatic downloads of “Na Na”, “Smartphones”, “Change Your Mind”, and “Foreign.” Check out the visuals he’s released for 3 of 4 songs and listen to “Change Your Mind”. Comment your thoughts below!

Follow Trey Songz on Twitter and Instagram: @TreySongz

Watch Na Na: 

Watch Smartphones: 

Watch Foreign: 

Listen to Change Your Mind (Next Single): 

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