Def Jam Ultimate Showcase Auditions

Once in a lifetime opportunities are just that, once in a lifetime, and if you are an aspiring rapper, here is yours! Def Jam Recordings will be in Charlotte, NC June 14th for The Ultimate Showcase looking for the next big thing. Auditions are free and will be held at With These Handz DJ Academy (516 E. 15th Street) from 12-3 pm. To sign up you can send your information to or come an hour early to WTH. The winner will receive round-trip airfare to NYC and hotel accommodations, meeting at Def Jam Records, professional music video, and their mixtape hosted by New York’s Hot 97/VH1’s DJ Drewski.  This event is brought to you by Def Jam, Social Bug Network, Get Gwop, DJ Shark, WTH DJ Academy, and United Kicks.

For More Info: 305-986-5281

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