Dazzi Recommends: Initiation X Mike of Doom

Starting every Tuesday I will recommend a song to you guys that I just can not get enough of. To start this off I picked Mike of Doom’s new track, “Initiation.” On his SoundCloud he tags it as post-hardcore trap and honestly I wouldn’t have picked a better genre/category to put this in. Mike gave me a little background about himself and the song, check it all out below!

D: Where are you from?

M: The Whop (PG County of Maryland)

D: Did you use any samples for Initiation? If not, what sound were you going for?

M: No samples, but I did implement ‘At The Drive Ins-Initiation’ as inspiration. My music is supposed to change your mood. This specific song should knock the wind out of you and leaving you gasping for me.

D: This song is actually kind of intimidating, are you trying to give a message to anyone out there?

M: The main message of my new music is overall dominance. There’s a lot of rappers in my scene but only one Mike of Doom.

D: Is this off a new project?

M: This song may appear on my next project, The Campaign.





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