Venchi Contessa Garments

Venchi Contessa Garments is an upcoming brand in Charlotte that has more than clothing to spread to the masses. The name alone makes you intrigued by what it has to offer. Owner, Chelsea Charles, gave me a little more insight into VCG and there is a mindset within that everyone needs to be aware of.

1. First and foremost introduce yourself to everyone Chelsea. Do you do anything else creatively other than Venchi? I’m Chelsea Charles I go by Yavenchi, I was born in Brooklyn but I’m Trinidadian. I grew up in Charlotte for the most part though, it’s my home! Other than designing for VCG I do freelance design work like logos, business cards, mixtape covers etc.

2. Where did you get the name Venchi? Venchi is basically a break off of ‘Yavenchi’. I wanted to create a original name that’s why I went with ‘Venchi Contessa Garments’.

3. Your first drop from Venchi is the Non-Local tee. You have a statement about what this really means.venchilogo

How do you reach out past Charlotte to make yourself non-local? Or how will you do it in the near future if you haven’t yet. As I said in the Episode 1 promo it’s not meant to be taken literally, like I don’t intend to remove myself from the local scene in Charlotte. It’s really about a mindset of zooming out to see the bigger picture. It may sound a bit cliche but one can much better feel where they fit in the grand scheme of things when they acknowledge the world around them, not only what can be seen or pinpointed on a local/physical plane. It’s a concept of infinity, really. And I am trying to implement that in my daily life on all levels. venchiguy

4. I like the fact you wanted to keep it “non-local” from the jump because a lot of brands focus mainly on the 704, will you always keep it away from this aspect? Well, I definitely am trying to keep it fresh with my concepts and designs. At the same I’m from the city, so I’m a part and a product of Charlotte culture. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I embrace it really because when I’m inspired by the culture, what I produce will be tailor made for the culture. It all comes full circle.
5. What were you really going for with the first lookbook visuals? Of course I wanted the lookbook to have an original and enthralling cover. That’s why I chose to filter it so that it appeared just borderline animated, for aesthetics. For the rest of the lookbook, the focus was really on the Non-Local tee itself. venchi


6. What type of brand do you really want Venchi to be? Do you want to expand it to a line and offer much more than just clothing? Oh definitely. This is merely the start but I definitely have more in store for VCG, in all aspects.

7. What’s up next for Venchi? Or is it a secret? It’s no secret but I’ll just say that in due time you’ll get to see Venchi in a new light. venchiarmy

8. Where can everyone find you on social networks and Venchi? My personal page on Twitter & IG: @Yavenchi & you can find the brand on Twitter & IG: @vencongar.

3 thoughts on “Venchi Contessa Garments

  1. Going forward please reframe from using prop pictures with guns as a back drop. The creative pic with Jonathan Reid is lost due to the gun imagery!!!…Don’t you know black men and boys are being killed by police today without justification!!…This is not the BRAND you want out there! Other than that I like what you are doing with a new an creative fashion. Love and succsess,

    JR’s Grandfather

    1. Thank you Mr. Reid I appreciate your concern. The poster however says ‘LOVE’, it is also over a year old. My brand does not and has not promoted any negativity. The focus on the picture was the shirt not the poster as well. So again thank you for your concern.

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