Pucci Drapes the Florence Baptistery


The religious monument, the Florence Baptistery aka Baptistery of Saint John, is now adorned with the famous Pucci scarf of 1957 designed by Marquise Emilio Pucci. Entitled, The Monumental Pucci project,  the Battistero print covers the octagonal Baptistery with Mediterranean infused yellow, orange, fushia and the signature Pucci pink colors with an aerial view of the Piazza San Giovanni. This was done in honor of Firenze|Hometown of Fashion-events celebrating the 60th anniversary of the center of Florence for Italian Fashion during Pitti Immagine Uomo (the city’s biannual fashion event).


Zoom in of historical Battistero print scarf.
Zoom in of historical Battistero print scarf.















Pucci is not only being showcased in the Piazza San Giovanni but Palazzo Pucci, the Florence boutique, is being open for Design the Dream. Visitors can watch as artists replicate the drawing and printing techniques of the Battistero scarf and also purchase their own in a variety of colors.



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