Vacation Pay Vol. 1 (Album)

The summer is all about good times and friends, fun in the sun, and of course vacations. However, some of us are not able to take a vacation for whatever the reason may be but that is no reason that you do not deserve an escape from reality. Stop looking for your escape because it is now here and you will not want to stop playing this one over and over again.

Simon SMTHNG is a producer that I have mentioned several times on ToD and now he’s back with a compilation of producers for Vacation Pay Vol. 1. This 20 track album will have you wanting to change your profession to producer because the producers are simply amazing at what they do. Each track puts me in a trance into thinking that I truly am sitting on a beach sipping a margarita. Some of my favorite Charlotte producers are on this album and others from around the nation that I have never heard of before now have a new fan.

Vacation Pay is not only the name of this album but it is also the name of SMTHNG’s recording label which is only comprised of producers-so the more appropriate term would be production label. Ugly Mug, Hiromi, Wasaaga, and Snuise, who are on VP Vol. 1, are apart of the label themselves. I am really excited to see VP grow over the new few years and all of the sounds that will come from the label. In the meantime, everyone download this “vacation” of an album for your summer antics and relaxation.

(Updated June 25th) Vacation Pay Vol. 1 is now available for stream. Follow VP on Soundcloud

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Download Vacation Pay Vol. 1 Now!


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