Mint X Hiromi (EP)

Hailing from Long Island, NY, half of production duo TAØERS, and recently signed to Vacation Pay; Hiromi has released his new EP-Mint. This is the first solo debut from Vacation Pay and it has tons of potential. Get to know a little bit more about Hiromi and Mint. 

1. Why the name Mint?
The name Mint stems from a few things. The main one is the color green and springtime.
2. What inspirations went into making this EP?
Like most other music it was inspired by a girl. The EP is sort of my new beginning, essentially me getting over a few things. Musically I’m very inspired by Bo-En, Cashmere Cat, Hudmo, Hoodboi, and Saint Pepsi.
3. How does it feel to have your EP being the very first solo release of Vacation Pay?
It’s a huge honor! I hope it’s a proper first release!!!
4.What is it like being on VP?
It’s great to have my first release be on VP. Simon has been really motivating and shown me a lot of love so it really makes me excited about everything to come. 
5. You’re half of TAØERS. How is it working with Ugly Mug? How did you two come together?
I owe a lot to Ugly Mug, he really helped me learn how to write my own music. Before we linked up I was mainly doing sample based hip-hop. Watching the way he came up with melodies really helped me figure it all out. 
6. What’s next for you for the rest of the summer and year?
I’ve already started working on more music!! So probably some singles, remixes, and hopefully lots of shows!
7. Do you have a ritual before you make music?
I try to, it’s usually just some tea or coffee and a day that I have off from work. I’ll usually  be stepping out for a cigarette every so often too. 
8. Rock or roll? Paper or plastic? Scissors or snakes?
Rolls cause they’re good with butter. Paper cause plastic is toxic. Scissors cause snakes or scary. 

Follow Hiromi on Twitter. Everyone give Mint a listen below and comment your thoughts!

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