808 Jesus Makes Top 100 Most Popular Songs Chart

These days rappers love speaking about the same shallow, vain topics of money, being fresh, strippers, and the fancy lifestyle. Have they ever thought about talking about something any deeper? Maybe not, but one artist out of Rock Hill, SC used this to his advantage and is now getting recognition.

808 Jesus’s song “My Dollars” has made Top 100 Most Popular Songs Chart by RadioWave Monitor coming in at 91. Now from the jump you would assume this is just another typical rap song because of the title, “My Dollars”, but it is not. In the words of Jesus himself he states, “Because of the title, “My Dollars” might make you take it as a typical club song praising strippers, but it’s more of a “I’m feeling aggravated by the thirst of this dancer” type song. Everyone always makes a song worshiping the dancer but I had to put a different twist to the stripper movement and how most of us REALLY feel about dancers.”

The Rock Hill artist can only go up from here and especially since he is taking the time to make thought provoking music and stepping out of the regular lane, he will continue to rise…or should I say resurrect? Either way check out the hit below and comment your thoughts!

[Updated July 23, 2014] 808 Jesus is climbing to the top of Radio Wave Monitor’s list. He is currently at number 69. Good job and keep it up Jesus!

Download My Dollars on iTunes Now!

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