Dupp and Swat Will Release Spread Magazine

Dupp & Swat is a quaint yet popular boutique/studio of NoDa, Charlotte where artists of all genres can come together and feel like they’re at home. Owned by siblings Davita & Dion Galloway they continue to make platforms for Charlotte culture to thrive and now they are stepping out of the box once again to bring us a magazine. The magazine will be entitled, Spread, and it is slated to appear in August. I got the chance to sit down with Davita and talk to her more about Spread.

1. Why the name Spread?

Play on words number one.  It will be a lifestyle publication, it will deal with fashion, cuisine, music and art & entertainment.  You have fashion spreads, with food you spread things on the food, so its just play on words. Two, since it is a visual magazine when you flip the pages you will see spreads. Three, we want people to spread the word whether its about the different sections or just the amount of talent in Charlotte. We will definitely highlight Charlotte but with that said we want it to be bigger than Charlotte.

2. How will you find your material for the magazine?

We are definitely going out to different businesses and people that we know, but also taking submissions for various sections as well. Everything we do will be original so we don’t want any stock photos of anything. We are definitely hitting the streets and making it work. There is a section that we are looking for mixtape covers to be apart of the music section. We are also doing a thing where since this is the first magazine we want people to send in poetry, photos, or artwork detailing one of their first experiences. Whether it be something you first said or first felt something, we want all of that so we can experience your first experience as you experience ours.

3. I saw that you are looking for models. How will you incorporate models into Spread?

We’re using models for the fashion spreads. September is generally fashion week in various cities, the first issue is called “The Garment District” celebrating fashion so we will be using models for those spreads. We have fashion editors and they have contributors that will be contributing as well. They can reach us at spread@duppandswat.com if interested in modeling.

4. How often will your magazine be released?

Right now we’re going for a quarterly magazine. We have a lot going on right now so we don’t want to put ourselves in a bind, we really want to produce quality. If we have the resources to make it readily available  we will.

5. Why did you want to start a magazine for the culture of Charlotte?

This is something we always wanted to do. My brother and I have a list of things to do and when we can we tackle that list. This isn’t something we thought to do last week, but again the same reason Dupp and Swat is here is to celebrate  the culture. We often times are a city that gets downplayed but we actually have a lot to offer and this is just another platform.

5. Where will your magazine be found?

Of course the magazine will be here (Dupp and Swat) but also other drop off locations around the city. Not sure of the actual locations but we do know neighborhoods we want the magazine to live in.  It’s going to be print and online so you will be able to go to our website to look as well.

6. What is the overall goal of the magazine?

It’s really just a different perspective. We have a few magazines here in Charlotte but not many that are necessarily geared towards younger adults or the street or the underground. We want to highlight that. This magazine will straddle the notions of novelty and nostalgia. As well as we’re going to offer a different perspective, one that is fun. Growing up we had the Word Up magazine with all the stickers and posters and were incorporating that into our magazine. So it will be different for Charlotte as a whole.

Everyone patiently wait for Spread to drop but for now you can spread the word of the release and also check out Dupp and Swat online.

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