Wind It Back Wednesday: Hail Mary X Tupac

Tupac is arguably one of the best rappers that has ever touched the rap game. When he suddenly died in 1996 outside of a Las Vegas strip club by gun shots, rumors spread like wildfire of who was actually to blame for his death. Since then it has been rumored that the Notorious B.I.G or Suge Knight was involved or the greatest one yet…he’s still alive! Well there is one organization who wants to let it be known they have no idea where Tupac is. On July 7th for their month anniversary of being on Twitter, The CIA (@CIA), answered questions of the people. They tweeted “No, we don’t know where Tupac is. #twitterversary”. That surely doesn’t answer any questions except raises more speculation.

When my radio show, Touch of Daz, is live on the airs from August-May, I dedicate Wednesday’s to old-school hip-hop and R&B. This tweet made me want to start Wind It Back Wednesday early to get back into gear of my radio show. In remembrance of Tupac here is Hail Mary ft. Outlawz for this week’s edition of WIBW.





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