Touch of Trap: Bout Mine X Tevo Trill

In the past few years trap rap has become increasingly popular with demographics going beyond the urban youth. This subcategory of rap is when you get lyrics pertaining to the streets, drug dealing, fxxk the cops, hard struggles…literally painting the picture of the “trap.” I myself enjoy listening to trap and throwing it into my mixes. I want to now dedicate Thursdays to trap rap and open up a new section, Touch of Trap. With so many trap rappers appearing these days and the amount of similarities when it comes to beats and flows; I want to give light to the artists that stand out from the others.

To kick it off I picked “Bout Mine” from Tevo Trill out of West Charlotte. This track has bumping bass with lyrics relating to his lifestyle and also the lifestyle he is going to have. Letting haters know he holds his down, “Bout Mine” is a great example of trap rap.

Follow Tevo Trill on Twitter: @RealTevoTriLL


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