Rhymes & Designs Summer Drop: Part 1

Rhymes & Designs is a creative collective and streetwear label out of Charlotte, NC that collaborates with artists to bring clothing and artwork that promotes self-expression. If you have been following ToD closely then you would be familiar with this brand…Spiked Punch ring a bell? Now they are bringing us some new dope gear to rock for the rest of the summer from their Summer Drop: Part 1 collection.

Jimmy Kelso of ForeverFC and Brandon Nich, an illustrator out of Durham, NC, teamed up with R&D for one set of t-shirts for the drop ranging in colors of red, white, and green. Coming straight from Kelso’s track, “Remy Lebeau” the lyric, “Time is money, can you afford to watch” is the main attraction of the shirt but Nich pulls it all together with a sinister business man surrounded by money and clocks. This line is so important because many people today are sitting around wasting money and time by watching others live their lives. A campaign is also going along with these shirts for ForeverFC by going on FCTV. Once there you are asked if you can afford to watch the channel, when you hit yes you are prompted to a channel that showcases all of the FC members.


The second statement of the drop is the “Rebel (n,v)” tees and tanks. The background for the “Rebel” shirts is as follows: “Everybody claims to be a rebel (the noun) but no one pays attention to the action verb rebel. Same spelling, different word. R&D is here to inspire our community to follow their passion and go against the status quo. In order to be a rebel, one must rebel.”

The limited edition bucket hats and snapbacks feature the R&D logo to pair along with the tees and tanks.

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Shop for these styles and more on Rhymes & Designs.

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