Dazzi Recommends: Night Shift X Chox-Mak ft DJ YRS Jerzy

It is that time of the week again for me to recommend some hot fire for you guys *Dylan voice*. If you don’t know where that reference is from you are either lame or too young. Straight of Jacksonville, FL, Chox-Mak gives us “Night Shift” which is a track that is filled with a 90’s style from the lyrics to the beat with a cool guitar sample that meshes very well. The message of this song is that they have been working hard all day and plan to accomplish even more with their careers by the night shift. DJ YRS Jerzy (Charlotte, NC) put me on to this artist and I am really glad he did. Chox gives us an original style to the hip-hop game which is why he has it in “his vice grips.” Produced by Dr. G who is out of Manchester, UK this is a great track to keep you motivated for whatever life brings. Check out “Night Shift” and comment below!

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Notable Lyrics: Heard you was holding it down, the back door though. Move too fast in 3D y’all just slow mo. Chox-Mak hot to death y’all just so so. Word on the streets you lame and type homo. I ain’t gonna put you on blast that’s on the low low. Better holla at Young Thug for some promo.

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