Just One Second: A Look Inside The DavehasWingz Continuum

David Butler is back with an extension of his “Roll The Dice” event that showcased in May. The DavehasWingz Continuum symbolizes a series of elements or events that are related but exist at different extremes. It will display work that lead up to the release of the text (Roll The Dice) as well as works that did not make it to production. A timeline concept will be used to give insight to the development of Dave’s perspective as a photographer.

The showcase will be displayed for 3 months and all of the work will be available for purchase. Copies of “Roll The Dice” will also be available for purchase along with other exclusive DHW brand merchandise including the Continuum Snapback.

The Continuum Snapback

Just One Second will be held at Dupp & Swat, July 19th from 7-9. Music will be provided by NA$A. Everyone go out and support local talent.

Just One Second

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