Dazzi Recommends: Youth X Ralph Solo

His favorite rapper is Chicago’s hero and with his own unique sound of trippy-lax hip-hop he might just be your next favorite rapper. The first song I heard from Ralph was “Sapiosexual” and I was immediately hooked to his sound. His lyrics include witty sexual metaphors, his life, floating on the clouds and everything in between. Get to know a little bit more about Ralph Solo and peep “Youth” and “Sapiosexual” after the jump.

1. Who is Ralph Solo? My name is Barton Steele, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Charlotte North Carolina. I also am a novice photographer, video director, and amateur producer. 

2. What inspired you to get into the other avenues other than music? Well I’m just naturally an artistic person and I feel that there is more than one way to create art and I feel like that I can contribute. 

3. How would you classify your music? How different are you to other rappers in Charlotte? I guess you would categorize my music as rap since I do rap but I hate to put things in a box…as for other Charlotte rappers I feel like the stories that are being told are in a different world then what I rap about. I am definitely not the typical Charlotte rapper…no shade.

4. What projects are you currently working on? Right now I’m currently working on the second installment in my Solo series which will be entitled Solo 2 (Oasis).

5. How will this different from the first? Solo 2 (Oasis) will show the growth of Ralph Solo by expanding on content while also showing versatility and the ability to rap on different beats, the producers I’ve chosen I feel make beats that suit the overall feel of Solo 2 (Oasis)

6. What kind of feel will Oasis have and why the name? The feel behind Oasis is very smooth laid back, it also has its highs and lows but still maintaining its original sound. The reason it’s called Oasis is because if you Google the word the definition is a fertile spot in a desert where water is found and I feel that I might be that water that we’ve been metaphorically looking for…or I might not be that’s for everyone else to decide.

7. What inspired “Youth”? A general idea about the song is like the time we waste during our youth i.e chasing girls and things of that nature.

8. I also fuck with “Pink Clouds” and “Sapiosexual”, will either be on Oasis? Yeah “Sapiosexual” will definitely be on Oasis as a matter of fact that’s the first song that came to my head when I started creating Oasis.

9. When is it slated for? What in life do you want more than all of the things you do? It’s slated for mid August or either early September and I’d like to be happy more then anything I guess.

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