Holdin’ on to Summer


Hey my lovely people. As school is slowly on the come up, life, and basically the universe on my shoulders, I have been extremely swamped lately. I will try to be consistent with bringing you some new artists, but I might need to wait until my life calms down a little bit. Anyway, I hope your weekend was filled with relaxation, good vibes, and positive energy. This week I’m getting all house-y with some well established club DJ’s.

A crisp producer from a major powerHOUSE, (see what I did there), of the world, Kry Wolf. Reigning from Bristol, UK, he has released several EP’s throughout the past few years all exhibiting that funky, runway feel. His newest EP Citrus / Education, out August 11th, 2014 still clutches on to the summer feel good, but can also be played during those long work/school days to get you over the hump. Citrus, a single from his EP, tings and pings with classic electronic beats, while Education gets all experimental and somewhat poppy with its beats. Look out for this clean mix, Kry Wolf is doing his thing in Bristol.

Himi Jendrix, a producer from the Dominican Republic offers a chilly feel to his beats. Make It Right, out July 2014, reminds me of something I would play in a relaxing beach house while throwing back martinis. This EP’s elements are ethereal and deep, which is how I prefer listening to my house music.  Specifically, Vibin’, promotes a down tempo aura, and a calm demeanor. Play this one after dinner and I’m sure you’ll sleep well.

Find these two producers on Soundcloud.

Kry Wolf: https://soundcloud.com/kry-wolf

Himi Jendrix: https://soundcloud.com/himijendrix

Make your way over to Twitter and follow me too. @TWRKNADO.


Righteous References

Artists/songs that are doin’ the damn thang.


Unkle Ricky x Jealousy ft. Tori Bailey

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