Brunch X King Callis (Mixtape)

I know by now we are familiar with King Callis and the fact that he was releasing his mixtape, Brunch. Hard copies have been out for a few weeks and with the positive feedback of the tape and his release party alongside of it, this is sure to be a Charlotte classic. With Brunch, Callis is putting all of his knowledge down on the table and is able to glide you through smoothly for the entire meal. You are able to eat every single piece of food without handing it over to your dog and with yours truly hosting, well it just makes it that much better. Brunch is what you would call smooth hip-hop and has a touch of 90’s boom bap that can not always be executed well these days. The tape has features from Mic Iver, Sidenote, Denzel Davon and more. Get spoon fed from King Callis and leave your ratings about your meal at Callis Towers. Bon Appetit!

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