Die With Me X Braille Rhymstone (Prod. Simon SMTHNG)

Member of Phazer Gang and winner of The BET Cypher that was held in Charlotte, Braille Ryhmstone of Rock Hill, SC, is a name that you should be aware of. His flow is natural and I would recommend even the best rapper to not battle him at freestyling. His new track, “Die With Me”, speaks of his personal life and also touches on topics that anyone in an urban setting can relate to. This track is very deep as we look into his life of thriving to be his own person to if he stayed in certain situations would he still be on Earth. This is a must listen so tune into Braille’s world and comment your thoughts!

Notable Lyrics: “See I’m struggling to make a change and a name for myself, from being a follower to making a lane for myself. I even fucked around and spent a little change on my belt just to tell em it was Fendi, oh the shame that I felt. But when your idols and your rivals in them fast cars…you get blinded by the lights and spend your cash wrong…”

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