Dazzi Recommends: True Indeed X Joe Sig ft. King Callis (Prod. Rare Seed)

What happens when two of the most lyrical rappers in Charlotte come together for a collaboration? A track that you need to bump for the rest of the summer, “true indeed”, I wouldn’t recommend this for no reason. Joe Sig and King Callis give us a track about their personal situations, urban living in America, with touches of black power. Check out the track below and comment your thoughts!

Notable Lyrics:

(Joe Sig) “Who can I trust and everybody weak and everybody need a dollar just as bad as me. New niggas never kill, old niggas never will. That’s why I’m extra chill life is like a Ferris Wheel. And everybody wanna see the top and if not pussy nigga rather be a cop.”

(King Callis) “Angela Basset acting niggas get put in caskets, pull out the ratchet niggas get shot like shooting baskets. So fuck the masses I wrote this knowledge for the masters and take and pass it to the misguided girls and bastards. To be a king is average, this is God status, #3 is understanding this is God magic”

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