Afterlife X Arcade Fire (Flume Remix)

Win Butler of Arcade Fire

10 minutes of somber harmonious goodness comes out of Flume’s remix of Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife”. This actually might come as a little surprise for some in the EDM community because of Arcade Fire’s  vocalist, Butler Win, comments at Coachella in April stating, “Shout out to all the bands still playing real instruments at this festival.” This stirred emotions in Deadmau5 as he fired back with a Twitter rant of “educating” the difference of an instrument and a tool. Leading on to more comments of disdain for Arcade. Deadmau5 and Flume were both playing at Coachella when the shots were fired but Arcade has seem to have an interest in Flume.



The Australian producer went to Facebook explaining how the remix came about, “I got the chance to hang out with Win from Arcade Fire on tour in Aus. He asked me if I’d like to do a remix. I wanted to try something a little more restrained, a slow burner. ” Win is not the first to voice this opinion but EDM is still going strong regardless. Besides the shots to producers and DJs of the world, this song is a great combination and worth an everyday listen.


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