Ahhh Sh!t X G-Unit/Free X J.Cole

In the midst of protesters and civilians fighting for justice for Mike Brown and all of the recent victims of police brutality, hip-hop artists have been stepping up to show respect and get their voices heard through music. First it was J. Cole who broke the song barrier for police brutality with his song “Free.” He gave us a somber call for peace and justice about what has been going on. He used a clip of an eyewitness account of what happened to Mike Brown that fatal day. Now G-Unit has come forward with an aggressive track entitled, “Ahh Shit.” It starts off with a clip of the voice of Eric Garner, who was chocked to death by police last month in NYC. G-Unit goes on to spill out all of their angry emotions over the situations with lines like “hands up and they still shoot..” and “ever since Mike Brown went down, my whole city like fuck a cop.” This track speaks on the rage for everyone that is highly upset about the murders that have been taking place. They even used the autopsy photo of Mike Brown for the cover art. Listen to the different emotions of the injustices below.

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