Touch of Daz Airs Tonight

Sunday’s show went very well as I kicked off the second season of ToD on Radio Free Charlotte. Tonight I air at my regular scheduled time of 8-9 pm. The topic for tonight is Black Peace Part 2. Last season my segment on Black Peace involved educating the masses on where the term “black peace” originated and the organizations behind it. This go round I will be speaking on the immense cases of police brutality and how we can stay peaceful in these times. To make this segment really great I want all of my listeners to phone in and get involved in the discussion. The number to call in is 704-687-7151.

I am also putting together a protest on the campus of The University of NC at Charlotte for everything that is going on. It will be on Friday, August 22nd, and we will meet in front of the student union at 4 pm dressed in all black. Students should not be the only ones involved but instead the whole city of Charlotte. I hope to hear your opinions tonight and see you at the protest!

Listen to Sundays show below…

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