Dazzi Recommends: 3 X Kid Malik

Charlotte, NC artist, Kid Malik, has dropped some new fire and you will be listening to this more than “3” times. “3” has a sample of “High For This” by The Weeknd and Malik is basically speaking on how great he is and how boring everyone is. I can totally relate to him as I am my own best friend. Listen below and “throw them 3’s up” as you listen.

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Notable Lyrics: These little niggas think they God-body til I kill em like John Gotti. Then I fill the lead up in they body. If they ain’t feeling my shit I don’t care, I’m getting paid anytime anywhere. Man fuck yo time every year is my year. Never mind on my body I ain’t paid for my gear. Never mind to these niggas they can’t hear what they fear until they see what they hate in the cut like what the fuck.

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