Dazzi Recommends: LoveLiz

Peace and love are the two things we need most right now in this world of evil. Originally from Portland, OR now residing in Atlanta, GA; LoveLiz is an artist who is dedicated to giving both of these and more to the world. She hopped in my Twitter mentions with her song telling me to check it out like many other artists. Usually I do not give these people the time of the day (I prefer emails) but something told me to click on the link. I’m glad I did because I ended up meeting a different type of individual that is rare to find these days in the rap industry. Get to know more about LoveLiz below and vibe to her video “Love Network.”

1. When did you start your music and why? Music has always lived in me. I’ve played instruments throughout growing up but took on music on a serious note at 18. Prior to that I would cave myself in my room and just create, I wouldn’t tell anyone. Just me and my keyboard knew what genius thoughts I had to share. Once my mother passed, I needed distraction, something positive and worthy of my time. It was a given, I felt it so I ran with it.

2. You have a vision of love throughout your music, what made you want to go this route instead of the usual violence, money and women route? I mean, I had that phase in my career where I talk about things that didn’t concern me but you get to a point where forcing becomes uneasy and being you is naturally easy. When I found myself and purpose, love is the only thing that matters to me in a nut shell.

3. Are you working towards signing to a major label or do you want to stay independent? I’m working to spread my word and energy across this earth. LoveTribe is the label, and whatever comes from this on a larger scale I’ll analyze and decide at that time. As long as it remains about the art, the art.

photo 1

4. Some might want to label you as a hippie, hipster or stoner…would you put yourself in any of these boxes? Well, naturally I guess I’m a “stoner.” I’m high at pretty much every moment in life.

5. What does peace and love truly mean to you? Peace, whatever you find, wherever you find it, where you feel nothing but you and the universe. Love, love has no definition because a definition has limits and love has none. It’s truly a pure emotion.

6. If you could save any culture in the world, which one would it be? Souls. If I could save every soul, this world would be a much loving peaceful place.

7. What is your view of the evils of the world and how will you help to be the change that people need? By just loving and caring. Showing appreciation and forgiving. I’m cool, people naturally follow what’s cool.

8. What’s the one thing you want to be remembered for when you die? Love, I’m the epitome of love.

Inspirational and peaceful, LoveLiz is someone that will get far in life just because of her positive mindset. She is an artist that you definitely need to keep on your horizon. Follow her on Twitter.

Listen to more music below  https://soundcloud.com/loveliztribe

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