The First Hit X Saje

Saje is an artist of Charlotte that you don’t see performing at every event but this isn’t a bad thing. Instead of always trying to be in the spotlight, he is at The House of Dope building his music and brand. When you’re focused on your music first then being in the spotlight…well that’s just a good recipe for success.

“The First Hit” is another smooth track from Saje and it’s not just about a great blunt but also about his life and himself as an artist. I would also like to point out the fact that I was mentioned at the beginning of the song. *insert emoji with sunglasses* He will be releasing a new mixtape in December entitled, Steamin In The House Of Dope. You already know where to find that when it drops. Peep “The First Hit” below and vibe.

Notable lyrics:  You motherfuckers think you got it figured out huh but I’m the ether, you the reasonable doubt huh. In the house, the heater in the couch, we don’t need em weed em out plus the cheebas by the ounce. These bitches thinking that they love me but baby don’t get it confused you don’t love me it’s the company too. Beatin ya tweeter fill ya speaker with semen, playin ya keys til you leakin nah mean? So what I’m rockin today man the ‘Saces or Raybans, I won’t be surprised if you hate me.

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