Graves X Stranger Day (Album)

Stranger Day dropped his new album today entitled Graves. If you are apart of the cool crowd in Charlotte, you already heard the album last Friday at his album release party. I need to take a moment to let everyone know how awesome that show was!

JK the Reaper opened up the show and his energy literally took the crowd by their balls and ovaries. I heard people in the crowd stating how great he was and that was the first time they heard of him but they’re now fans. It’s always dope to be in the crowd and hear things like that. Stranger blessed us afterwards and I had no idea what to expect since this was the first time I was seeing him perform live. Let’s just say he is a force to not be reckoned with and I really love how you can tell he is true to himself. The problem we see from some white rappers is that they try to be “wangsters” or that they are so “down” with the black community. Stranger does not do this and I love it. When you stay true to yourself we will accept and respect you so much more. He also brought on the features on his album to perform along side of him and they just added on to the great potential of Graves. I was also glad to see the diversity he brought out for his album release party. I usually end up seeing the same people at events (LAME) but this wasn’t the case. Different faces and demographics is always refreshing. He gave out hard copies of his album and stickers. I quickly took the hard copy because I’m old school and love to collect CDs. Radio Free Charlotte was in the building and got great footage so stick around for that.

You will not skip one song on Graves and I will go ahead and say this will close out 2014 for Charlotte rap and will without a doubt bleed into 2015 and years on. Every song is a banger and my favorite on the album is “Sea Full Of Lions.” You have a classic with this Stranger Day! Listen to Graves below and check the video for “Born Bad” which is the first song on the album. Enjoy and spread this audio dope! RIP ALL Y’ALL!

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