ARTOMED (The Art Tape) From X The Artist

The first of its kind comes an art tape brought to you by X The Artist featuring young talented artists from different realms to create a masterpiece in DVD format. ARTOMED is a play on between the words ‘ART’ and ‘DEMO’ which is exactly what X and others are giving the people-4 visuals consisting of live art, body paint, percussion and music including knowledge and power. Through support and awareness this demo will expand into an album to be released within the Art Tape series.

ARTOMED comes in two packages:

Purple: This package comes in the hand painted and crafted 1 of a kind packaging and the Art Tape itself included. Purchase here.

Gold: This package comes in a painted and crafted special packaging, and also will include a 1 of a kind mini canvas painted and crafted by X The Artist with signature and date on the original artwork. Purchase here.

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