Elevate X Mullah Mugzie (Prod. By Big Cat)

Charlotte rapper and Flyshade Empire affiliate, Mullah Mugzie, drops a single for everyone entitled “Elevate” which is encouraged to “elevate your level” and gain knowledge. He throws in some women references but overall I dig the positive message of the song. This will be featured on his upcoming project Bury Me Alive dropping November 17th. Peep it below.

Notable Lyrics: When big homie spread knowledge that’s street college, like don’t ever forget your rights when you roll past Impalas. Never give your life for this gold and these dollars, a queen with a dream I ain’t even tryna holla. Cold blooded nigga I’m no puppet. Fuck it if I don’t love it, everybody tell me what I’m supposed to do, but if you never did it how the fuck you gonna tell me how to do it? Flyshade bitch we break the rules.

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