DelDequadus X Phaze Gawd


Tony P aka Phaze Gawd of Phazer Gang has released his debut beat tape for all of Charlotte and the world to enjoy. Deldequadus is a step inside of Phaze Gawd’s personal artistic style of who he is as a producer. The tape is very laid back but also has an undoubted sound of a space theme. I got some details behind DelDequadus from the Gawd himself. Read what he has to say and listen to the debut after the jump.

1. Where did you get the name DelDequadus? 

I actually got the name DelDequadus (Dell-Deck-kwa-dis) from my friend and personal trainer, Sterling West, while we were making jokes on crazy names black people have. He blurted out “Deldequadus” and I thought it sounded dope and wanted to use it. He was so pissed but its all love!

2. What all went into making your debut? What type of feel did you want to give everyone?

I’ve only been producing CONSISTENTLY for about 2-3 months so I just played around and let all the music flow and come together naturally. The feel started taking a nice intergalactic space twist to it that I wanted to keep throughout the tape since I have such a deep interest in space exploration and astrology. That’s why I sampled poems and lectures connecting with space travel (i.e. Ray Bradbury’s poem and V Sauce lecture on traveling through black holes). Even the character DelDequadus himself is made up of space for those who didn’t catch the story set up on the 1st track. I wanted to create something people could listen to and just drift off into space or deep thought.

3. Did you get frustrated when making the tape and did you ever have to step back at any point? 

I don’t think I got frustrated while making the tape. I was more confused on if/when I should drop it. Nobody really knows me for actual music production so this is brand new territory and when your coming on to the scene with the likes of producers like Axnt, LTheBeatChemist and Simon SMTHNG it’s a little intimidating to say the least.

4. How much support did you have backing you for the debut? Did you ever feel like giving up or pushing back the date? 

I got a lot of support from my family while creating the tape. I was producing on my dad’s set up located in his room so my parents were usually there while I was creating and saw the progression and were so proud. Outside of family I didn’t get too much support but that was because I kept the project so hush… I like to consider myself a man of secrets and surprises! I never considered moving the date-I figured dropping the tape on my birthday would be pretty cool to give it more significance!

5. You were somewhat under wraps and just hopping on singles, now you have released this tape. What is next? 

ALOT MORE MUSIC! Looking to drop the Phazer Gang EP in December then turn around and start work on Phaze 2 for Phazer Gang AND my solo album I’m looking to drop at the end of 2015.  I REALLY enjoyed producing so Im definitely going to be doing a lot more and not just for myself but for other artists in the city and I’m also looking forward to the upcoming film projects I’m taking part of, not just as an actor but a video producer as well. So yeah I’m definitely trying to stay creative and busy!

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