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Hailing out of South Carolina is Diani Ellison of cntrvlxchnge Photography and although she hasn’t been in the game long she has the potential to strive for longevity in photography. She is a fine arts major at The University of South Carolina at Aiken and along with photography, she also has her own creative blog theyaysayers. On Saturday, November 15th she made a trip to Charlotte to do a photo shoot with myself and it was not only fun but liberating (warning: these photos are NSFW). I also chopped it up with her about her company and who she is as a photographer. Get to know Diani and cntrvlxchnge and peep the photo shoot afterwards.

1. How long have you been doing photography and when did you want to start taking it seriously? 

I’ve only been doing photography for about 3 months and I’ve always took it serious but the level of seriousness has deepen with every shoot.

2. What inspires you to do photography? What all goes into planning a shoot? 

My inspiration is my vision on the world. I can say as an artist God gives me a vision not everyone is blessed to see and the way I see certain things, the beauty I see in everything… it would be selfish of me not to share. When it comes to planning a shoot, I’m very simple just tell me what the goal is and we will get it accomplished. All I need is my model, a flexible idea and my Canon.

3. Some photographers have a certain style they develop over time. What do you think yours will be? 

I love urban rawness with a fresh flare.

4. Do you have a favorite shoot you’ve done so far? 

I honestly have to say my shoot with you believe it or not. After every shoot I see myself growing more as an artist which makes me instantly fall more in love with that shoot than the last.

5. Where is a location that you dream about shooting?

This may seem really basic but I want to shoot in the middle of the street with traffic on both sides. The thought of having a model with the blur of cars on him/her from both sides really just gets me. Next I would have to say the desert.

6. Do you have any photographers you look up to?

I actually look up to local upcoming artists the most. To see someone work there butt off is influential but to answer that question I would have to say Tedd, a photographer in Charlotte, NC.

7. How will you take photography into changing/bettering the world? 

I will use photography to show people how beautiful they are.. how beautiful God made this world before the pain and confusion of self hate and stereotypes took sight.

8. What’s next for you creatively? 

Next beside photography I plan to take on directing. Start off small with the remake of some music videos, a web series and then commercials.

9. Any special words you want to leave with the people?

Today… find out what makes you happy and grab it, put it in your heart and keep it. Break free from the mold society attempts to place on your mind and be the person you were meant to be. Regardless of all the no’s, side eyes and negativity that will come your way.. REMEMBER happiness, genuine happiness was never won without a fight. Much love.

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