No Hook X Tim Stacks ft. DuRu Tha King (Prod. Max Fuego)

Long Island native, Tim Stacks, and Charlotte’s own, DuRu Tha King, come together for “No Hook.” This is a laid back track that really showcases each artist’s lyricism and flow. Vibe to this over a nice rolled one.

Notable Lyrics:

Tim Stacks: “Same nigga laying low in the cut though, trendsetter real niggas know what up though. Nigga we ain’t come to play we exposing niggas, taking over tracks Jay Hoving niggas. This is real rap not fiction nigga. Take a hit of this get addicted nigga.”

DuRu Tha King: “Bitch I want it all but the fame ain’t real let em tell you something different they will have your ass fucked up. Have yo ass around the same niggas still fucked up. Wake up, get up and grow up.”

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