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Dazzi Recommends: The Remedy, Chapter. 2: Opium X Shuqi The Rapper

Making a boom out of London is Shuqi The Rapper and her recent mixtape The Remedy, Chapter 2: Opium is exactly what we need in the hip-hop community when it comes to female rappers. This mixtape is a bass thumping, head nodding, mega lyrical project that should be in everyone’s Top 5. She starts it off very soulful with “Vellety” and although she keeps the soul throughout, the tracks range from a jazzy feel to a gritty street sound and with her accent it really makes you shiver when she spits. I love how she can give you a very feminine sound and caress your ears and then give you a presence that she will battle any male rapper and embody him. My favorite song is “Monster”-Shuqi and others really give it their all on this one and the production really sets it off. Check out The Remedy, Chapter 2: Opium and make sure to spread this along.

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