Beyond Bars: Brand Relaunch of Rhymes & Designs


Beyond Bars: From Degrees to Lyrics and Tees

Rhymes & Designs, also known as R&D, is a creative collective of vocal and visual artists. As the name suggests, they bring rhymes and designs together. After 3 years of working solely with artists to develop their apparel, R&D is launching a new platform that puts the community in the lab with them. “Beyond Bars: Inspired by the Lyrics of your Favorite Artists” is a new feature of that will be launching January 2015. Each week they will be releasing T-Shirt designs inspired by the community’s favorite lyrics. Each design will be available for purchase for only 72 hours at a discounted price. Items in heavy demand will be archived at

The Brains of R&D

CC is originally from NC. While at UNC-Charlotte as an undergrad, he double majored in Finance and Accounting, with a minor in Management Information Systems. Though never a serious artist himself, CC has been a serious fan of both music and visual art for years. He accredits much of his success in academia and entrepreneurship to the influence of music’s inspirational lyrics. In addition to his bachelor’s degrees, CC has also obtained a Master of Business Administration from UNC-Charlotte.

The other half of R&D’s leadership, Art, is also originally from NC. Before attending UNC-Charlotte, where he double majored in Finance and Economics, Art attended Durham School of the Arts from 6th thru 12th grade. As an artist, Art specializes in theater and music. He believes that art can be used to enlighten masses of people all around the world. In addition to his bachelor’s degrees, Art has a Master of Management from Duke University.

The Future

Known for their unique and thought-provoking apparel, R&D is constantly evolving to be the most innovative art community in the world. As Art lays the groundwork on the west coast, and CC continues to build on the east coast, R&D continues to grow and develop exciting opportunities for their community. With the launch of this new platform “Beyond Bars: Inspired by the Lyrics of your Favorite Artists “, the future appears even brighter. Join the community to contribute lyrics, vote on designs, and receive priority rights on new releases. “Beyond Bars” Launching January 2015. For fresh apparel or more info, go to or Follow R&D on Twitter and IG @RhymesDesigns.

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