Panoramic Pentex X PhantomNine

PhantomNine is a true native of Charlotte who has had a passion for music since he was a young lad. Today he presents us with his new beat tape Panoramic Pentex and also takes the time to give ToD an insight on himself as an artist. Read up about him and listen to the tape after the jump.

1. Where did you get your start in producing and what software are you currently using? Ever since I was a toddler I was into music because of my strong up North roots in my family but it wasn’t until my freshman year in college I started making my beats. The idea was sparked from some friends in my class. I always used to put them on new music and one day they were like “Hey Deante I think you should be a producer.” I actually use FL (Fruity Loops) studio. I’ve used a few more before FL but it just feels like home for me because I’ve been using it for so long.

2. Where do you get your inspiration to produce and how long does it take for you to make something you are satisfied with? I get my inspiration from a lot of different things. One being my friends; hearing a fire ass beat or song from someone I know and I’m cool with makes me think not just the front running producers can make music that a lot of people fuck with. I get inspiration from music that I hear on the regular basis. I get it from how I feel as well. How long does it take me to make something I’m satisfied with?? Damn good question. It varies tremendously. If I’m hella inspired it takes about two hours to finish the whole thing. If I’m not however; hours on hours on hours. I’ll stop, leave it…come back to it. Make another beat, come back to it. It’s just really how I’m feeling.

3. Would you consider yourself to have a certain sound when it comes to production? Yeah I think I have a certain sound but I experiment a lot.

4. What is the vibe for Panoramic Pentex? How long were you working on this project? Panoramic Pentex vibe is real airey, sounds you can visualize and places that you visualize being. I started the very first beat for this tape at the beginning of this year. I was supposed to drop earlier this year but I really lost inspiration for a few months and then I started to work on this project named Emerald Bay by my Six Set mate Frais. So I can say about 11 months but without the lolligag about 3 months.

5. What can the people expect from you in 2015? People can expect to hear way more beats from me in 2015. Maybe another beat tape but it depends how people respond to this one.
6. Leave everyone with a little bit of insight of your goals in life. I’m just a 21 year old that wants to be someone’s favorite producer. My other life goal though is opening an arts school or at least a music school that will help struggling kids pursue their dreams and lose the idea that they have to go to college be something “better” than an artist.

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