Yumestay3 Interview

When I started my company Yume Clothing no one knew how to pronounce Yume, did not know the origin or just anything for that matter behind Yume. I recently met a bright soul that goes by Zues and he told me he is starting a company called, YumeStay3-translating to fired big dreams. I was immediately shocked and impressed because I finally found someone who connected with my mindset! The purpose behind his movement and life in general is to “create, succeed and live with no regrets-basically Stay3.” His movement will also include a clothing line as it is “to fit around what I’m about and the knowledge needed to be spread.” Not only does he has a movement that he wants to show to the world but he is also a photographer with an urban abstract style that will catch you by surprise.


“I got into photography about 9 years ago with small church events then moved up to night life at clubs and concerts. It took awhile to get everything I needed to get started because of small money issues. Ever since 2010 I’ve been on a roll with all kinds of shoots from events, models, weddings, also product shots and advertising
The first piece I published was “Lost.” It was about a former freshmen from Vietnam majoring in science but not able to adjust to our public school lifestyle. I feel my purpose for being so deep into photography is to record our lifestyles now for further generations to gain from. I want to show positive message through my images and


Zues shot me with his Nikon and the images he captured were beyond what I expected. Of course I won’t give away his tricks but photographers could learn a thing or two from him. You can peep more photos from the shoot here.


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