UNCC Cypher Recap Videos

Hip-hop cyphers have become the newest movement to sweep onto universities across North Carolina but more importantly it has brushed across the campus of UNC Charlotte. Nige Hood is the moving force behind UNCC Cypher and the hip-hop community of Charlotte couldn’t be any happier he decided to bring this to us. Every Tuesday at 8:30 pm in the student union; rappers, poets, singers, photographers (artists of every realm honestly) and spectators come together to express themselves lyrically or just to simply listen and watch to be moved by the artists. This is a very positive movement to come to UNC Charlotte that has connected people in ways they never thought. It is also amazing to see the growth from the first one back in December until now. Below are recap videos from the first one and the one from last week. Check them out and if you like what you see, come out to UNC Charlotte every Tuesday and be apart of this fast growing movement.

Recap Video 1: 

Recap Video 2: 

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