ToD Premiere: Views From The Palace X King Callis & Mic Iver (Prod. Simon SMTHNG)

King Callis and Mic Iver are back at it again and with the help of Simon SMTHNG they have one groovy track entitled, “Views From The Palace.” Does this mean there’s another project dropping from King Callis soon? Or maybe even a collab project with King Callis & Mic Iver?! Who knows, just vibe out to this for now.

Memorable Lyrics:

King Callis: Mind at a higher class time is slow the hourglass. Remind me that an hour past so quickly god so flip yo last. Get off your ass and make some progress, get you some money in the process. Reporting live from Callis projects…where they treat humans like they objects…

Mic Iver: Views from the king’s palace you had it but lost it over actions, some fuckery sell your soul like some cutlery door to door but can’t fuck with me. When I close it no touching me and you knows it. You can smell my strain I hand chose it, with these hands i pack the bowls in, I scratch that shit blunts I’m rolling….

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