Fre$h Touch Featuring Angel Grady

Angel Grady is coming out of Greensboro, NC setting trends and taking names along the way. In a world filled with everyone wanting to be so different that they end up looking like everyone else, Angel knows exactly how to keep her own original style and stay true to herself and for this she is featured for Fre$h Touch. Get to know about her sense of style and more below. To keep up to date with Angel and see what’s popping in the fashion world at the moment, check out her blog here.


1. When did you realize you had style? 

I think my first realization was in high school, when I got to ninth grade I decided I wanted to change up my style because I wanted to look different than others. I already had a weird personality, I just created my own style to match it.

2. Who are your favorite fashion icons and designers?

My fashion icons will probably have to be Rihanna in her most current years because i think her style is so dope, she’s always putting things together that most people wouldn’t ordinarily do. My other two icons would have to be Kanye and ASAP Rocky because i admire the way the introduce the hip hop community to another world like high fashion. my favorite designers would have to be Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott, because they’re both so creative.


3. How would you describe your style? 

I go through many phases and changes with my style because I don’t really like to do the same thing over and over. So right now I’d say somewhat of a tomboy style. I’m really into the long shirts, jackets flannels, and coats (as I said before I’m inspired by Kanye and A$AP so that comes from them) but i make sure I still keep a feminine touch with it as well.


4. What are your must have staples?

My must have staples would have to be my cell phone (because i need it for like everything), lipstick, my charger and my headphones.


5. What does it mean to have style?

Style is different than fashion. I try to separate those two terms because I think style is the way someone wears their clothes, the way someone puts fashion together. Style is something an individual has. Everybody can follow fashion but to have style is more impressive.

6. What trends do you predict for 2015?

Some trends I see for 2015, many people suddenly want to jump on the hipster wave with Vans and the thrifted clothes. I also think many people will be working towards getting bigger name brand clothes even though those things don’t really matter. I think a lot of people will be after that style just because they’re seeing certain well known people wear them.

7. Do you have any advice for anyone that is trying to find their inner fashionista?

People that are trying to find your inner fashionistas, you should always stay true to you and make sure that if you like it then that’s all that matters. When i was finding mine, I had to forget about the fact everyone may not like the stuff I wear but it didn’t matter because I liked it and carried my style with confidence; once people see that you’re confident in your own style they’ll like it too.


8. Any last words? 

Last thing I would like to say to people is to be original! No matter what you do, no matter what it is, be original with everything you do. From style, to music, any craft you’re involved in make it original because I get so tired of seeing people steal and repeat ideas-originality is what will draw people to you.
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