Dazzi Recommends: bluff shit! X Mic Iver ft. Simon SMTHNG (Prod. by SS)

Mic Iver is on a roll and he once again teams up with Simon SMTHNG only this time the Charlotte producer is also spitting bars alongside Iver. “bluff shit!” incorporates a good ounce of jazz mixed with hood certified lyrics and flows. We are already aware of Iver’s lyrical talent but props also have to go to SMTHNG. This is the second time I have heard him on a track and I wish he would spit more but the rarity is also nice. The song closes out with a scene from the classic hood documentary Snow On tha Bluff and what a better way to end it. With this being the second week for Mic Iver being on a track, you can only expect to get more heat from him. Stay tuned and groove to “bluff shit!” in the meantime.

Notable Lyrics

Mic Iver: “Goldie showed me the profit of having the hand of a pimp. Understand the profit don’t have the same life span as a simp. Cause they killing all the real and the weak are exempt, don’t forget politics. Mantra is money over everybody and they momma. Hood mantra, baking soda over pots in that water, got caught up in that quota, young niggas having shoot-outs with brothers’ that’s older…”

SMTHNG: “I be on that bluff shit, that fuck shit, that look you niggas in the eyes as I begin to cut shit, brotherly bonds corrupted and who I’m supposed to call your nightmares to my present. Ghostbusters of figments and all my heroes in heaven or wherever we go when we lose all our blessings, from police withdrawn weapons schemes of lost lessons. I stopped praying when I felt I need knee pads…”

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