Fre$h Touch Featuring King Phill

A cool, well-dressed man is every fashionable woman’s dream. Stepping out together fly as hell on the scene is “goals” as the kids would say these days. There is one man I have my eye on when it comes to men’s fashion and his name is King Phill, coming straight out of Raleigh, NC. King Phill is the owner of website/brand Cool&Well-Dressed which features top designers and brands and individuals who have style. In getting to know more about him, he also is in the works of creating his own line, which will give him more credibility into the fashion world. Get to know more about King Phill for Fre$h Touch.

What inspired your desire for the fashion world?

Fashion was just the next leg of my creative venture. My creativity started with music; I’m a drummer, been playing since I was 5. Around 8th grade I started getting interested in less-known brands and got tired of wearing the same shit everyone else was wearing. My own style developed and over time I just gained a love for the craftsmanship that goes into any article of clothing.

How would you describe your style?

I’m a mix of Morrison, Hendrix, Slash, Plant, Chuck Berry and myself. I think Morrison and Hendrix met me in a past life and gave me the sauce.

Who are your favorite designers, brands?

Christopher Kane, Dapper Dan, Goyard, Au Courant, Karl Lagerfeld, Trapstar and Dope Boy Magic.

What is your overall goal when it comes to your Cool&Well-Dressed brand?

Fuck bitches and get money.

Nah, but really I can’t even decide on an overall goal; it’s really just building on it’s own. I’m doing a lot of what feels right for my brand right now.

If you could release a clothing line, what type of clothing/style would you design?

Before I get into the question, I’m actually a part of a clothing brand called Avant Garde and I’m working on my own shit too. I honestly don’t want to label or constrict my brand to one style because I know I could design some ill ass high-end couture or a fresh ass streetwear graphic tee; endless possibilities.

In regards to Men’s fashion, what are three staples every man should have in his closet?

Shit man, this is kind of difficult. You gotta have some type of outerwear jacket; doesn’t really need to be heavy, but something you can layer with. I’d say a peacoat, parka or a varsity jacket. You gotta have some formal shoes too. I don’t like the whole full-on formal, dapper bullshit, but even I have some Derbys. The last staple every man needs is some good ass cologne; that’s clearly not clothing, but it’s still needed. Don’t get any cheap shit either; it’s just a waste of money. Go ahead and grab that YSL or Dior. My favorite brands for cologne are Chanel, Dior & YSL; my lady friends tell me I smell glorious whenever I wear them. Also only 3 squirts bruh; don’t overdo it.

If you could resurrect any designer, who would it be and why?

Alexander McQueen. I think if he was around, his brand wouldn’t be where it’s at; I’m not saying they suck or anything, but I just think if he was around it would be in a different place. Also I feel like he was just taken too early, ya know? Suicide is never the answer. The brand was his namesake; he should’ve been around a little longer to indulge in it.

I’ma say R.I.P. A$AP Yams just cause this question is about death.

Any last words for the people?

North Carolina got next, seek knowledge, all my prophets black and I am my brother’s keeper.

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