Teal And Purple X Th3 Higher (Mixtape)

Last month Th3 Higher came on ToD and announced live on air they were dropping a new mixtape on March 20th entitled, Teal And Purple. Well it is 3/20 and the mixtape is here from your two favorite rappers! TAP is a dedication to the Queen City where Th3 Higher was bored and raised in. All production was done by Anubis Hadal nd it features some 704 greats like Goofy Tha Weirdo and Tony P and Braille of Phazer Gang. The tape really will drift you through any smoke session or even on a car ride. Th3 Higher has this to say about TAP and Charlotte culture: 

“Teal and Purple is the name of our Third and final mixtape. Although the tape is sponsored by DFE/No Limit East records this particular project is 100% Charlotte from the ground up. We want this tape to encompass all aspects of Charlotte Hip-Hop and Charlotte talent. Our goal is to get everyone on one accord. We’re all moving in the same direction we should work together to make all of our dreams come true. Charlotte is a melting pot and it shows with in our art and the city needs to be pushed in the right direction. Our generation is next up and we need to take the torch and run with it. Teal and Purple is also being captured and formed into a documentary, The Teal and Purple Project. Within this documentary we have already featured over 15 different Charlotte Hip-Hop artists and even some other cities. The goal of the Teal and Purple Project is to expand the national spotlight that is forming on Charlotte’s Hip-Hop culture by unifying all aspects from Bloggers to Photographers. There is a movement within the Charlotte Hip-Hop community and we are right in the thick of it and we plan on seizing through the opportunity and move the city in a direction that’s going to benefit the multi-talented people here.”

Peep the newness below.

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