Fund$ X Descendent (Prod. Agent Midi)

Off gate I get a 70’s Jackson 5 feel with the beat on this track. Then the lyrics drop and it brings me to early 2000’s HOV with, “I got 99 problems and my funds is one”, and I can immediately relate. Newport News, VA native, now residing in Raleigh, NC, Descendent, gives us “Fund$”. He raps about struggles through life such as a lack of money and gaining success. It’s a very uplifting song that you can groove to. Listen below.

Notable Lyrics: “Listen, I’m young, black and gifted. Success comes, homie we get lifted. Clear skies with you, lack in the green, April showers, May weather to grow a money team. Mix the passion and the dream you become a fiend. Everybody got jokes when it comes to these memes. It’s never too late to always have dreams. Life is what you make it, it’s never what it seems.”

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