Tange Tange Tange. When she first sent me an email about “All Night“, I thought it was one of the best songs I’ve heard from her. I shouldn’t have made this assumption because then she drops her album FREE SPIRIT and that quickly changed. The entire FREE SPIRIT album is greatness and you know this off gate because she opens it up with the legendary Ol’ Dirty Bastard speaking. In each song you can feel every emotion not only through lyrics but also in each reflection of her voice. She has some heavy hitters when it comes to features and producers such as JK The Reaper, Kenneth Cartel, Jimmy Kelso, Grove$ide, Kenny Wizard and more. My favorite song on the album is “The Gospel”…wait no “Millionaire”….honestly I have no idea what my favorite song is! Every song hits me in different ways! Get lost in Tange’s soulful melodies and eclectic raps as she gives you her FREE SPIRIT.

2 thoughts on “FREE SPIRIT X Tange Lomax

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