Fre$h Touch Featuring Alway$ Run Deep


Circa 2011, Malik Ransom, decided to start a clothing brand by the name of Alway$ Run Deep. He took his interest in graphic design and in 2012 is when he began to design for his brand. ARD has featured characters such as Marge Simpson, Akira, Pac-Man and more on the clothing and these are only the beginning. I got the chance to get to know more about Malik’s brand, what’s coming up next outside of ARD and more.

1. Why the name Alway$ Run Deep?

The name came from me actually not paying attention in chemistry class in high school. My business partner at the time and I came up with the “Run Deep” part but didn’t know what to add in front. So while I was in class I heard the teacher saying, “Atoms of the same element always have the same atomic number”, and the word ALWAYS stuck out so I wrote Alway$ Run Deep down and just ran with it every since.

2. What sparked the interest of using different characters such as Akira, Marge, Pac-Man and etc?

All the clothing I’ve been doing lately has been under the Just B Cuh (Just Because) section of Alway$ Run Deep: which is a collaboration of my random ideas mixed with messages from the brand. The character colorways provide a certain vibe and created images that are known to consumers but very abstract, which is what I want to shoot for every time.

3. ARD has an urban feel, would you ever turn your brand into high fashion?

I wouldn’t classify it as high fashion but I will be stepping outside of the basic shirts and streetwear stuff to do more hands on things soon.


4. What new designs do you have in store when it comes to characters you are going to use next?

This summer I will only be doing a few releases of previous shirts in different colorways, and maybe these two other ideas I’ve had for awhile. I’m taking time to build my first official season as well as working on Run Deep Records so I’m stepping away and putting in work for awhile.

5. In regards to Run Deep Records, what sorts of genres and artists will you be showcasing? What will you be giving people when it comes to vibes from the label?

I’m into all genres so I hope to work with a different collective of artists but my artist/producer roster is already built as of now and I’m letting each piece manifest. I want the people to just feel each artist and understand the perspective they’re speaking from.

6. What is your take on rappers being into high fashion and basically becoming the “faces” of these brands?

I think it’s no different than an athlete or model being the face of a brand, it’s just in hip-hop culture there hasn’t been many to become the face and have longevity. So I see no problem with it but it’s about the actual products and I haven’t seen a lot of artists drop dope collections.

7. Do you think these brands and designers care about the black community as much as we care about buying their clothing?

Not at all. One thing I stated early on in the creating of my brand is that I never wanted to overprice things because I want all demographics of people to buy my ideas. Building a brand is a business so I can understand why some might just be after the next dollar but I want people to feel where I’m coming from.

8. What is your must have staple that is in your closet?

That’s hard to say but Vans or Chucks, Sox or LA hat, flannels and white t-shirts are a must; I’m pretty basic lol.


9. What advice would you give men when it comes to presenting their style?

First off, just wear what you’re comfortable in and understand how to switch it up at times.

10. What is your overall goal for your brand? 

The long term goal of my brand is to branch out into as many things as possible, and show those not only around me but who are to come that everything you imagine can become reality if you work hard enough for it.

Malik Ransom wants to leave the people with these last words: “Learn Individuality, Fulfill, Enjoy & Reach Success”

Purchase your Alway$ Run Deep gear here.

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