Rad Beingz X Zen Gnarly


Zen Gnarly took a very bold and controversial approach to hint to his fans that he will be dropping new music. He posted the above picture to his Instagram account with the following caption:

“They tried to bury us many times before but what they didn’t know is that we’re seeds of the great Rad Being”

Now he has released his new single, “Rad Beingz”, that gives us more insight into exactly what all of that meant. “Rad Beingz” spreads being free, having and utilizing black knowledge, starting a revolution with a Queen and more. This track will be found on his upcoming project, ASCNDR:Rad Beingz, which stands for Ascended Soul Consciousness Never Decrease Roles: Rapid Application Development Beingz. Now what does all of that mean? I have a guess but we will all have to wait until the project drops to really find out. For now, indulge in “Rad Beingz”.

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